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A mobile website option
1. Online shoppers need to be offered convenience and instant ease-of-access to your online store, no matter what device they’re using
2. Product images are essentially a standard feature on all shopping carts or ecommerce platforms.
3. Your online store should be built on a responsive design template and its features need to be available to all users, at any time, and from anywhere.
4. Search engine friendly URL’s
5. Online shoppers are demanding and instant access to all of your features should be found on their mobile device, just as easily as on their PC.

Competitive shipping options:
1. According to this extensive study, 81% of online shoppers agree that FREE SHIPPING is the most important aspect of checking out online.
2. Many shopping carts are abandoned because of an unexpected high total after adding shipping.
3. The same study reports that 58% are willing to add more things to their cart to qualify for free shipping.
4. The right formula will have your clients increasing their cart total in order to get free shipping!

Superior photos and image options
1. Your product images will influence online shoppers in ways that have them running away or drive them to purchase.
2. The product images should be crystal clear and taken with cameras that have a high resolution.
3. The photos should also be taken from different points of view to give you a clearer idea of the product.
4. Image options should include viewing angles, zoom, multiple images, and more.

A detailed product description:
1. Online retail is often about selling a story, an idea that fits the needs or current whim of your audience.
2. The sale items need to have a product description that takes the place of your best sales person.
3. While creative and clever descriptions are often a strong selling point, don’t forget to include the important details, as well.
4. If you’re selling food products, consider listing the ingredients, as they make purchasing easier for those with special dietary needs or restrictions.

A fast guest check-out option:
1. One of the final but most important considerations in online shopping comes during the actual check-out process.
2. Shoppers normally have to wait in line at the cashiers.
3. Do not require registration before purchase.
4. Online shoppers are demanding and make almost instantaneous decisions on whether to shop or drop your online store.