System Setting:
1. Province Management
2. District Management
3. Tehsil Management
4. Union Council Management
5. Partners/Sister organizations/Ministry/Project Management
6. Field of Work/Specialization/Sector

Users Management:
1. User Profile Management
2. User Type Management (Data Entry, Supervisor, Admin, Monitoring Officer, Exective)
3. User Role Management
4. User Permission Management
5. Assign Project to User/Partner

Project Management:
1. Project Profile Management
2. Project Funds Allocation Management
3. Projects Activities/Sub Activities Management (Quantifiable and Descriptive)
4. Yearly Work Plan (On monthly, quarterly bifurcation)
5. Yearly Cash Plan (On monthly, quarterly bifurcation)
6. Progress Submission (On monthly, quarterly basis)
7. Funds Utilization Management

Project Monitoring and Evaluation:
1. Project Profile Reports
2. Province wise Project Report
3. District wise Project Report
4. Tehsil wise Project Report
5. Union Council wise Project Report
6. Work Plan Report
7. Cash Plan Report
8. Project Progress Report (From and to date)
9. Project Physical Progress Report
10. Project Financial Project Report
11. Overall projects Reports
12. Project Activity Reports
13. Project Planted Activities VS current progress report
14. Funds Utilization Report
15. Overall Sector wise Projects Report
16. Project monitoring Reports
17. Project Result Based Monitoring Report